silly me

Last Sunday night I was ready to bed but decided to listen to ‘late night jazz’ for a while before really sleepy. So I put at now + 30 minutes and sudo halt at konsole. Perhaps there was ‘sleep’ or ‘off’ plugins in Amarok but I don’t really care. So then I lay while listening to the soft soothing jazz. And suddenly it was morning already. And guess what. The playlist still played over and over.

Needless to say, it was not a quality sleep. I’ve probably sleeping while sing a long and humming with the tune through the night. Not the kind of sleep I expect. And it really shows since I was grumpy all day. It turn out that I forgot to put ^d after that halt code. Silly me. Perhaps I was already too sleepy then.


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    sofi said,

    lu cobain nyanyi soundtracknya anpanman! di jamin tidur dah. si alif tengah malem nangis, katanya sih mimpi ketemu sensei. tapi ujung2nya nyuruh aku nyanyi soundtrack anpanman. ampun dah …

    mau anpanman juga kayaknya bakal mengganggu tidur deh kalau diulang-ulang semalam suntuk 😛

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