Lover’s Concerto

**Lover’s Concerto**
Written by The Toys
(Denny Randell/Sandy Linzert)

How gentle is the rain
That falls softly on the meadow
Birds high above in the trees
Serenade the flowers with their melodies oh oh oh

See there beyond the hill
The bright color of the rainbow
Some magic from above
Made this day for us
Just to fall in love

Now I belong to you
From this day until forever
Just love me tenderly
And I’ll give to you every part of me oh oh oh

Don’t ever make me cry
Through long lonely nights without love
Be always true to me
Kept it stay in your heart eternally

Someday we shall return
to this place upon the meadow
We’ll walk out in the rain
Hear the bird’s above sing once again oh oh oh

You’ll hold me in your arms
And say once again, you love me
And if your love is true
Everything will be just as wonderful

Tahun 60-an silam, banyak band/penyanyi yang sontak-muncultenar-segera-tenggelam alias *one hit wonder*. Konon salah satunya adalah The Toys ini. Aku sendiri belum pernah mendengar lagu versi aslinya, yang sekarang selalu terngiang di kepala adalah yang didéndangkan (*meni déndang, rama ef-em pisan.. geboy, ndah!* =)) ) oleh Sarah Vaughn…


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    pi said,

    meni huhuy teks na

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