i’ve spent almost 6 dull hour in hospital. yes. i’m not well, yet.. so i decide to visit a more ‘serious’ doctor with a result of waiting in a loooong line. she’s got quite a reputation, that explain the long line. what concern me is her advice that i can’t be tired, can’t go out at night, must rest, etc.. so when on earth i can go out owling? considering that.. i even alredy think of changing my research subject.. sad..sad..sad.. 😦

reading some lines below (yes, this blog still look awful on IE, the sidebar’s going downside =/ but at least looked better) i realize that my anger is different from muhammad or yesus.. they show their disaproval for the bad, and not because they can’t do nothing. they do it to ‘enlighten’ (wow, bahasa orang beriman. heheh) their peoples. It’s different from my anger which is a mere desperate emotion.. argh. i’m not in the mood to write such a spiritualistic things.. but let me end it with this prayer,, hasbunallahu wani’mal wakiil.. god suffices us and He is the best Guardian.


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