Today i’ve only stayed for no more than an hour in campus . Yet, there’s so much important occasions. First, ‘di’ asked me about the progress of the owls. Surprise! I’ve only just realized that he’s concerned about the study. I could understand that it’s not easy to find someone willing to owling, so maybe he puts up some hope on me. well.. i should work harder now!

then, ‘es’ offered me a chance to be her research assistant on a biodiversity assesment project. Cool!! how can you resist such a sweet opportunity. and later she asked me for some picture of scientist on action. thank god i have some.
In fact, i’m stocking much of it. I think i should start writing those ‘scientist in action’ story with a lot of catchy picture a la hayunhaha, but off course to ‘fight’ hayunhaha’s disinformation. It’s so sad to see people use their brain less and less because of hayunhaha. ulil albab my ass.. :p

i then collect my work to ‘lf’. it’s so relieving that this project is finally finished. I must admit i’m not satisfied with the result, but what can i say.. that dikti people is silly to put up such a nice title for their project but in reality they just want a showcase. sigh…

and lastly, though sadly, i got B for population ecology. I knew it from the beginning. yet it’s so hard to accept. I can not think and concentrate at the exam. there was so much unfortunate coincidence during the exam. Well, there’s no need to blame my situation. BUT GODDDDD… i wish i could have straight a for this semester.

Stop the grieve! now. the end of semester party is celebrated with watching ‘return of the king’. antrinya panjaaang. padahal sudah datang 90 menit lebih awal. Dasar lagi liburan… penuh deh sama anak2 ABG yang dandan abis. Sangat kontras dengan gue yang uzur dan berantakan heheh. tapi kan setidaknya rambutnya kaya elves hahahaha. Filmnya sih biasa2 saja.. lebih seru yang kedua.. plotnya mudah ditebak. Tapi untungnya adegannya seru. Dan setiap Legolas muncul, ribut deh anak2 ABG itu histeris. Terus setiap ada pertempuran yang seru, penonton pun ngasih applause. Jarang2 kan.. Gak asiknya film ini banyak adegan yang terlalu ‘lama’. jadi kaya sinetron :p The verdict is: 5.5 out of 10 (pedit ye gue…)

legolas pic from

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